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$100 Home Depot Gift Card Sweepstakes!

 August 2015, $100 Home Depot Gift Card Sweepstakes!$100 Home Depot Gift Card Sweepstakes!, $100 Home Depot Gift Card Sweepstakes From Goose Bumps AC, Edgar Monteagudo of Glenvar Heights in Miami,

$100 Home Depot Gift Card Sweepstakes!, $100 Home Depot Gift Card Sweepstakes From Goose Bumps AC, Edgar Monteagudo of Glenvar Heights in Miami,
$100 Home Depot Gift Card Sweepstakes!, $100 Home Depot Gift Card Sweepstakes From Goose Bumps AC, Edgar Monteagudo of Glenvar Heights in Miami,

As we conclude the end of our month long $100 Home Depot Gift Card Sweepstakes!, from Goose Bumps AC we wanted to thank the many people who participated in the event. Congratulations to Edgar Monteagudo of Glenvar Heights in Miami as the winner of the $100 Home Depot Gift Card Grand Prize in our Monthly Giveaway Sweepstakes!!! The winner was selected completely random and unbiased. Edgar Monteagudo has been crowned the winner!
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Neglecting your rooftop air conditioning equipment

Installation of new Rheem package unit on rooftop, New AC Unit Installation, rooftop packaged AC, rooftop air conditioner, rooftop air conditioning, Rooftop unit, rtu,

When we asked our clients, “How do you treat your rooftop air conditioning equipment?” the response was rather clear. The phrase “out of site, out of mind” pretty much sums up the average rooftop air conditioner user.

Neglecting that equipment, or servicing it improperly can lead to big problems later. Maintenance is key when it comes to any air conditioning equipment. Performing routine preventive maintenance is the only way to keep rooftop air conditioner units in the best possible condition, considering the harsh conditions it is subjected to day after day. 

Rooftop packed units vs. Split systems

Rooftop packaged AC units are typically the easiest ones to service, but they get the least amount of service because they’re out of sight, up on the roof. Because cold air sinks and hot air rises, a rooftop air conditioning unit takes advantage of air’s natural tendency. Forced air handlers, meanwhile, need to push this cooled air up through the duct work, which requires greater fan speeds and more power.

A rooftop packaged AC units also has the advantage of keeping all equipment together. If something breaks down in a split system air conditioner, a repair technician will need to check your air handler, the condensing unit and all the connections that run between them. As a result, troubleshooting A/C problems or even routine maintenance may be time-consuming and costly. If a rooftop packaged AC units experiences a problem, a professional HVAC technician needs to look only in one place. Although, it comes with a greater safety requirement and property risk.

Maintenance is Key to Rooftop Unit Performance

A properly maintained rooftop unit can save an owner several thousand dollars a year in energy and operating costs. That more than pays for the cost of a service contract. 

Roof Leaks from Rooftop air conditioner

rooftop packaged AC, rooftop air conditioner, rooftop air conditioning, Rooftop unit, rtu, roof leaks, condensate drain lines, pipe drainage,

A common rooftop air conditioning unit problem is water pooling on the roof resulting in roof leaks. Rooftop air conditioning units without condensate drain lines or with broken or unattached drain lines could be the source of your roof leaks.

Rooftop Filter Replacements

Our technicians change out the rooftop filters every visit. We filter at the point of entry into the duct system and encourage our clients to change the return filter inside the building every 30 days.

Rooftop AC Unit Belt Replacements

In addition to pleated filters and thorough coil cleanings, we always recommend an annual belt change. This is a relatively inexpensive item but, it can cause emergency down. rooftop packaged AC, rooftop air conditioner, rooftop air conditioning, Rooftop unit,


We have seen the ambient temperature well over 120˚F here in Florida on the roof because of the color of the roof being black from roof tar. Design temperature is 95˚ — that’s a large cooling capacity loss.


The HVAC system is the single largest user of energy in your building, making it one of your biggest monthly expenditures. If it is not maintained in proper working order you will be sacrificing indoor comfort for increased power usage, and will likely incur higher repair costs and premature equipment replacement costs.

Water Stains on ceiling from Air Conditioner

water stains in ceiling due to deteriorated insulation on the refrigeration lines.Insulation on refrigeration lines for air conditioner

replaceing insulation of refrigeration lines within the walls.



auxiliary drain pan with float switch to prevent damage to wood flooring from water backflow









This client has an Air Conditioning Unit on the 2nd Floor of his home within the Bellagio At Venetian Isles development in Tamiami, FL. He called us because he found that he had water stains on ceiling. That is, Water Stains on his 1st Floor ceiling, right below the 2nd floor Air Conditioner.

With his approval, we opened up a small part of the 1st Floor Ceiling to have a look inside. We found that the Insulation from the Refrigerant Piping that runs within the walls was deteriorated. The cold Copper Piping in contact with the Warm,  Humid air causes moisture in the air to condense onto and then drip off of the refrigeration lines resulting in…water stains on ceiling.

With minimal opening to the ceiling, we replaced the entire insulation on the refrigerant piping as well as installed an auxiliary drain pan to his 2nd Floor unit. This drain pan will help prevent water back flow from the unit from damaging his Wood Flooring and of course, leak onto his 1st Floor ceiling. We also installed a Float Switch which will shut off the AC unit if it senses water backing up.

If water is backing up, this is a key indicator that the AC unit is due for maintenance. Proper maintenance on your air conditioner is very important, especially if your AC unit has living space below (ex: a 2nd floor ac unit.) A water leak can cause damage to the floors below quickly. It is best to avoid these issues. Make sure to maintain your AC unit appropriately.






Click here to see more of our repair work:

When Choosing a New Air Conditioning System

When choosing a new air conditioning system for your home, there are a range of different options and solutions to consider. Goose Bumps can help you with friendly and professional advice as to the relative merits of each option.

This is a vital consideration for a new air conditioning system. It is essential to have your home professionally sized to your air conditioning needs, otherwise your new air conditioning system will not operate effectively. Being over-powered can be as ineffective as being underpowered. Speak with Goose Bumps for a FREE no-obligation estimate for your home, with a professional sizing of your home’s requirements.

Maximizing Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

Living in South Florida makes for extreme temperatures. Having an efficient air conditioner helps make it more comfortable and affordable. Below is a short list of tips to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your air conditioner efficiency.

1. Set a Reasonable Temperature Setting
Far too often air conditioning is seen as just a system that makes a room cold. The main goal of air conditioning is to make the room comfortable and free of humidity. If there is an outside temperature of 90º, and you set the thermostat to 70º. That unit is going to run non-stop until the thermostat senses the surrounding air is 70º . Setting it at 65º doesn’t make the unit run harder or operate faster, all you are doing is increasing run time, the unit will run and run and run until it achieves 65º which may be impossible to do on some South Florida summer days, and in that case, the unit will have increased wear and tear over time and your electric bill will be pretty high. We suggest 72º to 76º as a set point to maximize air conditioner efficiency. Save your equipment and save your dollars. You should have the room temperature set at a level that feels neither hot nor cold. Increasing the internal temperature to 72º will make the room much more comfortable and reduce the demands being made on your cooling units. The same comparison can be made for heating systems except that the extremes of temperature cannot be so easily avoided. If it is 47º outside you will still need to have 72º inside. […]